Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Forbes, Vox, and Bullshit Heds

I'm getting kinda "meta" here, discussing a piece that discusses a news site. It's a Forbes article with this bold hed:

Why Do So Many Journalists Hate Vox?

I immediately think, wow, someone spent the money to survey journalists about what they think of a new and (to many regular folks) obscure explanatory journalism site?

No. Not at all. Here's a key graph:

Both types of explanatory journalism make a lot of journalists who don’t work at Vox angry, even journalists who work at other news sites that regularly publish both of these kinds of stories themselves. That’s confusing, we know. Maybe it would help to look at some examples.

And then it takes off on, well, some examples, and best I can tell never returns to what journalists think, and why. So you basically have a Forbes piece bitching about Vox while doing the same bullshit it complains Vox does.

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