Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Not Gonna "Make"

I hoped to teach a graduate class this summer in secondary analysis. In other words, how to avoid IRBs and human subjects committees and analyze all the data that's out there, freely available, for scholars to exploit. I'm talking ANES, GSS, ICPSR, ABCD, EFG, and all the other acronyms.

The class is stuck at four. Ya need five to "make." I've told the grad office to let students know so they can make other plans.

I could push it, maybe. Certainly other faculty in an unnamed department downstairs have insisted their grad class "make" with fewer students, but that's not me. I certainly have enough research to do in the summer without teaching a class -- and it's partly my fault, or my vocal cord's fault, that I had to offer it in the "through summer" session rather than one of those short, brief, all-at-once semesters. I can't talk four hours a day.

Anyway, this means a lot of other stuff I need to do -- manuscripts, yard work, PlayStation games, will get my attention instead.

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