Monday, February 17, 2014

Belief in Astrology

Who is more likely to believe that astrology is scientific? The scientifically challenged, obviously, but that's too easy. No, thanks to this paper let's depress ourselves (or elate ourselves) further by breaking it down via party identification and political ideology.

Most Likely to Believe
Astrology is Scientific
  1. Conservative Democrats
  2. Moderate Democrats
  3. Moderate Independents
Least Likely to Believe
Astrology is Scientific
  1. Conservative Republicans
  2. Moderate Republicans
  3. Liberal Republicans
In other words, thank God for Republicans.Younger adults are more likely to see it as scientific than older adults, and the more education you have, the less you see it as scientific. No surprise in either of those. There's even a fun table that ranks people by professions and their belief in such kookiness.

So what's driving this? Are Democrats just too kooky to know any better? It's driven more by education and age than it is by political partisanship and ideology. Still, conservative Republicans were more likely to know the Earth revolves around the Sun (67.3 percent) while only 27.1 percent of conservative Democrats (all 6 of them left in the world) answered this question correctly, so if you want to call the Dems a bit kooky, go right ahead.

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