Friday, December 6, 2013

What People Know About ... Auto Dashboard Lights?

In my never-ending mission to uncover the odd an downright screwy when it comes to what people know, I bring you this little gem to brighten up your Friday. People don't know much about those little lights in their cars. No kidding. Read it here.Or just follow me below. Here's the first couple of grafs:
When your car's dashboard lights start glowing, they're trying to tell you something, but many drivers aren't getting the message.

Drivers are most likely to be ignorant of what tire pressure, brake system and electrical warning lights mean, according to a new survey.  Almost 20 percent are unaware of what the low-fuel and temperature icons signify, results show. commissioned a survey of 2,000 drivers, asking them to match the correct definition to 10 common warning light icons.
Lemme first say this is a cool idea for a survey. If you look at the percentages of who could not correctly identify a light, the worst was this one:

Do you know it? Go to the story to find out, but half had no clue, so don't feel too bad if you're also ... clueless.

The one most people know? To the left. It's easy and you have to wonder how the hell 7 percent could get it wrong. Kinda obvious, eh?

No surprise that men reported themselves to be more confident than women.

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Mark E. Johnson said...

But, you know, the government needs to get out of controlling us and stop administering driving tests. The fact that you don't know that at least one of your tires has dropped its pressure by 30% is none of anyone's business.

Except, perhaps, the poor chap who you slam into when it blows and you don't know how to control your car in a skid because driver's ed in the U.S. is a total farce.

Yeah, I'm a little fixated on this one ...