Sunday, October 20, 2013

Random Georgia Stuff

I saw a bunch of motorcyclists the other day (gaggle? gang? what's the collective noun?) and it got me wondering about where in Georgia they tend to live.

The answer? Using 2012 data, I looked at the percentage of motorcycles of all vehicles in Georgia counties.  For example, the top county is Camden where 4.1 percent of all registered vehicles are cycles. Three of the top five are, no surprise, in the north Georgia mountains where it's fun to ride. Of the others in the top five, one is at the coast, the other near Fort Benning. Again, no surprise.

Here's a quick Google map. I removed the legend because it annoyed me, so darker colors mean a higher percentage of motorcycles.

You can see how they kind of lump together in north Georgia, down at the coast, and a scattering of other locations that deserve a closer look, like the Fort Benning effect. There's probably a story in here, somewhere, if you were a freelancer and looked to score a piece in a motorcycle mag. I'd also be curious to see what demographics may set these counties apart from other counties. And, of course, to really do a story you'd need to interview real live human beings. The data only take you so far.

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