Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Race x Gender among Georgia Voters

Playing with data. I was curious about registered voters. Lemme toss a couple of factoids at you.

Clarke County (Athens, where I live, location of UGA) is 27 percent black.  Looking at different data, I see among of all registered to vote here, 15.8 percent are black females, 10.2 percent black males. So the registration comes pretty close to the population in terms of registered and residence, with women having a 3:2 advantage in registration while being only slightly more populous. Keep that 3:2 in mind, because the ratio among whites in the same county is different.

So, rounding we get in Clarke:
  • Black Female 16% / Black Male 10%
  • White Female 31% / White Male 28%
See it?  The ratio is off if you consider sex x race. I also looked next door at white-flight Oconee, just for fun.
  • Black Female 2% / Black Male 2%
  • White Female 46% / White Male 41%
An odd reversal. So which is more in tune with the state as a whole? In Georgia it's:
  • Black Female 18% / Black Male 12%
  • White Female 31% / White Male 28%
So we can see the state in general, our benchmark, has more women than men in both racial categories. Clarke looks a little more like the state as a whole. Then again, Clarke does look a lot more like the state as a whole than does Oconee, which demographically might best be described as white bread and mayonnaise, more like the northern burbs of Atlanta than anything else.

This is what I do instead of writing. Sigh ... back to work.

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