Friday, October 4, 2013


For tenure-track academics, publishing in peer-reviewed journals is the coin of the realm, but another indirect measure is how often your stuff gets cited. It's one thing to publish in an academic journal to an audience of tens of people worldwide, but it's quite another for fellow scholars to cite your work. It demonstrates your influence. Not a lot of influence, mind you, but of the scholarly kind that's easily quantifiable and has some meaning, at least among other academics.

Okay, that crud aside, I was just vanity-checking my research today to see how the cites are going. For example, my Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media piece from a few years ago on whether people learn from late-night comedy programs, it's doing pretty well.  Here's a Google Scholar search of stuff from 2013 that's cited that one particular paper. So far, it has 89 total cites via Google, in 2013 it's 18, but several of those are not fellow peer-reviewed journals, just as I suspect a number of the 89 are not.

Still, it's nice to be recognized, even if so modestly. There are some good journals in the 2013 mix, as well as books both national and international.

I'd be doing a hell of a lot better if I were the other Hollander, BA ... the hard scientist. He/She rocks.

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