Saturday, June 22, 2013

L'burg Newspaper Fail

My hometown is Lawrenceburg, Tenn., a place famous only for once being the home of the world's largest bicycle factory.  The other day I was surfing and came across this story about Moody's downgrading L'burg's bond rating.

Ah, I thought.  I should pass this on to the two L'burg weekly newspapers (one of which I interned for a million years ago).  And so I emailed the link.

That was June 13.  So far, neither has clicked on the link.

Maybe they already knew about it, but I've checked the papers and they don't seem to mention it.  Maybe it takes a few weeks for email to reach Lawrenceburg.  Maybe they just don't give a damn.  Maybe they don't want to explain bond ratings to their readers.  Hell, maybe they don't understand bond ratings and why they matter.

Or maybe, they just suck.

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