Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Brilliant Scholar Update

I like to sometimes see who is citing my research -- thus making this another Brilliant Scholar Update.
  • If I spoke German, or maybe Dutch, I'd have more to say about this study, which cites me (shouldn't everyone?).  Ah well, on to the next in our brilliant scholar update ...
  • This study looks at political satire, a favorite topic of mine.  Basically it's a summary of the available literature.  In the same journal issue there's another that cites me.
  • Keeping with our The Daily Show and satire theme, this article in MC&S notes my early work (two cites, from 1995 and 2005).
That's it for now.  Just a quick update to feed my self-esteem.  Actually it's interesting to look up my talk radio research.  That's largely a dead area now and no one is doing stuff, or citing work, in the last few years.

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