Wednesday, April 17, 2013

First Boston Poll

Fox News put out a poll just a little while ago.  You can read the results here. I find questions 5 and 6 interesting. They ask respondents who is the greater threat from terrorism on U.S. soil (first question) and then who is probably responsible for the Boston attack (second question).  Who's the bigger threat? Fifty-one percent say "homegrown terrorists" and 26 percent "Islamic terrorists." 

Can't "Islamic terrorists" also be homegrown?  Why not say "foreign terrorists" instead?  That would be more accurate.  

Who's likely responsible for Boston? Bigger margin, with 62 percent saying "homegrown" and 20 percent saying "Islamic."

No doubt the discussion of the Boston case, and the belief by many it's homegrown given it happened on Patriot's Day (as did Oklahoma City back in 1995) had an effect on these results.  Younger respondents (and women) were more likely to say "homegrown" than older respondents (or men). 

I write this as reports are flowing across Twitter about an arrest, then not an arrest, then maybe someone in custody, then someone not in custody.  The news is fluid today, so I'm ending this and getting back to the news.

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