Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Admission Follow-Up

I had a few minutes to update my earlier post on SEC school admission criteria.  I strongly recommend you skim that one before reading this one, otherwise it won't make a lot of sense.

If we add up all admissions criteria deemed "very important," we get the following in terms of SEC rank, the school, and how many that school lists as so very important:

1. Florida and Vanderbilt (tie) with 7 "very important" criteria
3. Texas A&M with 6

Interesting to note that these three are, arguably, the best academic schools in the conference

4. Arkansas with 4
5. Alabama, Auburn, LSU, Tennessee, Missouri, and Kentucky (tie) with 3
11. Georgia, South Carolina, Mississippi, Mississippi State (tie) with 2.

For you UGA fans (and hopeful students) out there, it lists only two "very important" (rigor of high school and academic GPA) and only one "important" (standardized test score).  Everything else falls into "considered" or "not considered."  In other words, not all that big a deal.

Indeed, UGA along with a couple of other schools lists the fewest "very important" or "important" criteria (3).  Vanderbilt can't make up its mind, listing 14, followed by Texas A&M (12) and UF (11).  Everyone else lists 4.  I have no idea what that means other than it leaves you lots of ways to fit good students into your admission pool who may not fit the traditional high grades/SAT standard.

What's high school academic rigor?  AP and IB classes, obviously.  That students challenged themselves and, in terms of GPA, also did well when challenged.  A lot of UGA freshmen took 5, often as many as 10 AP classes.

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