Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Race and Faculty at UGA

What's the whitest college at UGA, at least in terms of its faculty?


Based on Spring 2012 data, the latest available, I looked at the various colleges and programs that make up the University of Georgia.  If you know where to dig there are data on racial and ethnic faculty breakdowns.  Note: the data below reflect only at fulltime faculty.

Ecology was listed as having 94.7 percent of its faculty as white.  The University average is 80 percent.  Close behind in whiteness were Public and International Affairs, Forestry, and Law.  The least white?  Assuming that even matters, Social work comes in at 60.9 percent.

Okay, but how about looking at it from the perspective of percent of African-Americans.  In that way, Social Work has the highest proportionally speaking, with 30.4 percent, with Education a distant second.  There are relatively few Hispanic faculty but the greatest percentage is found in Environment and Design (9.4 percent).  The greatest in terms of Asian faculty, percentage wise, is Pharmacy with 17.6 percent, followed closely by Public Health, Family and Consumer Science, and Business.

I created a rough table below.  The numbers across rows (colleges, etc.) will not add to 100 because I dropped a couple of categories where few faculty are represented (American Indian, multi-racial, and no reported race). 

Asian Black Hispanic White
All 9.0 5.8 3.4 80.0
Agri and Env 8.6 4.1 3.6 82.8
Arts and Sci 8.8 5.8 3.6 79.7
Business 14.3 2.0 2.0 78.6
Ecology 0.0 5.3 0.0 94.7
Education 5.9 12.4 2.7 77.3
Env and Design 6.3 0.0 9.4 81.3
Fam Cons Sci 15.0 8.3 5.0 71.7
Forestry 6.5 0.0 2.2 87.0
Journalism 9.8 2.4 2.4 80.5
Law 3.8 7.5 1.9 84.9
Pharmacy 17.6 0.0 2.9 79.4
Pub Intl Affairs 8.3 2.1 0.0 87.5
Social Work 4.3 30.4 4.3 60.9
Vet Med 8.1 4.8 6.5 80.6

Now it's possible I mis-entered a number, but I don't think so, and I think it's important to examine the "0.0" situations above.  My own college doesn't do all that well, so I can't easily criticize others.  Being the radical moderate, I look with suspicion at any school or college that is far out of whack -- from the University number -- in any racial or ethnic category.

I could break it down even more -- by tenure, for example, but that's more than I can manage on Blogger, which makes even making a table above nothing fun as you gotta go into raw html to create it.  Plus I do have grading to finish.

Anyway, this is my data crunching public service announcement for the day.

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