Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Drinking in the UK -- College Rankings

Yes, I know, today's topic has nothing at all to do with my blog's general theme, but it does include three of my favorite topics: drinking. Oxford, and drinking.

Back in 2006 I taught in the UGA@Oxford program, so the town and its University have special places in my heart.  Thus, when I came across this headline today (Oxford Students Outdrunk) I had to pass it on to the tens of people worldwide who read my scribbling.

Here's the bad news -- Oxford was only 41st among U.K. colleges.  The good news?  It's glass is filling fast.  In the last survey, it was only 59th.  The full drinking list is here.

Economics and accounting students apparently drink the most, according to the survey of 1,994 students across 74 U.K. universities.  Or as one person says: “It seems these turbulent financial times are stressing the accountants and economists out before they’ve even entered the working world.”  A student said basically those students were practicing to be social drinkers in the real world.

The most sober majors were nursing, midwifery, and healthcare.  I for one find this comforting, but I find the next bit disturbing. "Subjects such as Art and Design, Performing Arts and Music, Journalism and English ranked in the last nine places, consuming less than 17 units. Humanities were ranked at 12th place with 21.1 units per week."  Journalism?  So low?  Pfffft.

Here's what I love about the U.K.  They even break the survey down into pints, which makes me thirsty just writing this sentence.  In this breakdown, we see a somewhat different ranking with Oxford moving up to 32nd.  Go team.

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