Monday, October 8, 2012

Who Wins at Social Media: Romney or Obama?

Who's winning the presidential social media battle?

Obama, or so says a survey released today.

This is an interesting survey, more so than your typical Gallup-call-a-thousand-folks kind of poll.  As the story notes:
Querying 2,500 Internet users nationwide, a little over 64 percent of those polled chose the incumbent president over the Republican candidate, the exception being within the category of Americans over the age of 64.
If you like, skip the PR release and go straight to the results. You'll need to click to dismiss some instructions (middle of the screen) and then you'll find some breakdowns.  To be honest, I can't judge how valid the survey truly is, but it kinda fits what you'd expect to find.  On the left, click on some of the filters (gender, age, where ya live) and it's rather interactive, which is nice.

But ... and this is weird ... If you clear all the filters and just ask for those who make over $150,000, there's only one response (which Obama gets, for what little it's worth).  In other words, older higher income folks are nearly invisible in this survey -- at least as best I can tell.

So, is Obama winning the social media battle?  Yeah, but mainly because his natural constituency tends to dominate social media, or at least responds to this survey. 

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