Monday, July 23, 2012

Obscure Knowledge

I've written a lot about surveys that tend to demonstrate a lack of knowledge about the sponsor's area of interest (most recently, here).  And now there's another example, this one about as obscure as it gets.
A new study of more than 3,000 UK adults, as conducted by Nissan, revealed the lack of knowledge and experience many motorists have when it comes to towing caravans.

The research found that 40 per cent of towers surveyed had never had training on how to do it safely. 

I may have stumbled across a growth industry, at least in polls.  If you're a survey outfit, pitch to almost anyone a survey that's sure to show how shocking it is how little people know about that vitally important topic.  The topic itself doesn't matter.  People tend to do poorly on pretty much any knowledge survey.  The important thing is to generate "shocking" findings, get a little publicity, and collect a paycheck from the sponsoring group.

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