Monday, July 9, 2012

Where Food Comes From

As I've discussed previously, we often see surveys that bemoan the public's lack of knowledge -- coincidentally, on whatever topic interests the sponsors of the survey.  Doctors bemoan the lack of health knowledge, nutritionists bemoan the lack of knowledge about healthy eating, and so on.

Here's a new one.  Ya gotta love it.  The hed:

Survey Reveals
"Shocking" Lack
of Food Knowledge

Shocking?  Uh oh.  Is mass starvation just around the corner as people forget how to eat?

No, it turns out people (Brits, in this case) apparently are a bit baffled over the sources of their food, or so suggests a survey reported in this story.  It continues:
Of 2,000 16- to 23-year-olds surveyed by One Poll in May, 36% failed to link bacon with pigs, while 12% thought that steak came from wheat or maize, and 7% thought that milk came from wheat or maize. Four in 10 young adults failed to link milk with dairy cows.
The survey sponsor?  Something called Linking Environment And Farming (LEAF).

It's perfectly understandable that 2-out-of-5 Brits don't see milk as related to cows.  Milk comes from cartons and bottles, of course.  And stores.

It's heartening to know Americans aren't the only ones sometimes without a clue.

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Mark E. Johnson said...

Wait, bacon isn't vegetarian?