Friday, June 8, 2012

The Brainiest Cities in the U.S.

We love lists.  They're catchy, they give us something to argue over, and they make for fun stories.  Here's one I just came across thanks to the magic of Twitter: America's Brainiest Cities.

Oh dear, you're thinking, this is gonna be bad.

To save time, here's the list of America's 25 brainiest, according to the metrics a company created (read the story for a discussion):

  1. Charlottesville, Virginia
  2. Lafayette, Indiana
  3. Anchorage Alaska
  4. Madison, Wisconsin
  5. San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose 
  6. Cedar Rapids-Waterloo-Iowa City & Dubuque, Iowa
  7. Honolulu
  8. Johnstown-Altoona, Pennsylvania
  9. Champaign & Springfield-Decatur, Illinois
  10. Minneapolis-St. Paul
  11. Boston-Manchester (Massachusetts/New Hampshire)
  12. Austin
  13. Rochester, New York
  14. Gainesville, Florida 
  15. Fargo-Valley City North Dakota
  16. Lansing, Michigan 
  17. Santa Barbara-Santa Maria-San Luis Obispo
  18. Burlington-Plattsburgh (Vermont/New York) 
  19. Pittsburgh
  20. Syracuse, New York
  21. Baton Rouge, Louisiana
  22. Columbia-Jefferson City, Missouri
  23. La Crosse-Eau Claire, Wisconsin
  24. Harrisburg-Lancaster-Lebanon-York Pennsylvania
  25. Springfield-Holyoke, Massachusetts
Many make sense. College towns, noted cities.  But Baton Rouge?  Sorry, I've spent a lot of time in Baton Rouge, La., and brainy is not one of the first words that comes to mind, otherwise I can't really quibble without delving deeply into their methodology, which I'm not going to do because it's the first day of summer class and probably I need to actually prepare for the semester in the next hour or so.

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