Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Misperception -- The New Normal?

Here's the pr release version of a new study that supports some of my own research on the persistence of political misperceptions in American society.  Indeed, the whole Obama-Muslim thing.  Been there, published that.  But this study expands on misperceptions and myths in general.  Here's a fun graph:
The gap between conservatives and liberals, however, was much wider among the most informed voters, the Wisconsin researchers found. Conservatives with higher levels of general political knowledge (as identified through a battery of true/false knowledge questions) actually had a slightly greater likelihood of identifying Obama as a Muslim than less knowledgeable conservatives. Among liberals, misperceptions decreased dramatically as levels of general political knowledge increased.

Obviously there's little in terms of method and theory in a pr release, so we can't dig deep into the material, but there's some serious folks behind the study so if it becomes a journal article, no doubt it'll be a good one.

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