Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pew = Quiz Central

I love the Pew Center.  Great reports, terrific data for secondary analysis, and friendly folks if you have a question.  And I like their occasional news quiz.  But today I happened to go to their main page and glance at the far right column to find -- Quiz Central.

Maybe they've gone a little overboard?  Let's look.

  • Family Trends Test:  Compare your views with others on how families are structured.
  • Religion IQ:  Fun one in which we discover atheists know more than others about, of all things, religion.
  • News IQ:  The grandaddy of 'em all, your basic current events quiz.
  • How Millennial Are You?  This one is a 0-to-100 scale in which, I'm sure, it's better to have a low score because I really don't wanna be millennial. I've heard their music.
  • Media Tech Quiz:  Haven't done this one yet, but basically it's a news IQ quiz about technology stuff.
  • Science IQ:  Perhaps the scariest given the wingnuts out there who think evolution (like gravity) is only a theory.
  • Community Comparison: Not done this one either, but then again why would I want to compare Athens, Ga., to anywhere else?  It'd just make them embarrassed.
  • Internet Typology:  I love typologies, even if they're not validated or tested with rigorous methods.  In this one, find out your category.  Not done it yet.
  • Couples Quiz:  Another scary one.  Who calls the shots in your home?  I have the basic husband answer for this one:  "Yes dear."
Why are these here?  Because quizzes and typologies, like lists, are enormously popular.  And Pew has all this data lying around so it's good to make use of it.  

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