Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What People Know ... About Germs?

According to this press release, moms and moms-to-be don't know as much as they should about germs.

No, not politicians.  Germs.  While similar, germs tend to not be bipedal and smile quite so much.  The press release discusses a survey about what people know about germs and why it matters.  The majority of moms got a "D" for their knowledge, which if they're like me they follow the three-second rule -- if you scoop something off the floor in three seconds or less, no germs got on it.  They're slow, those germs.

According to the survey:
According to the survey, only about half of those surveyed (49% of new moms and 51% of expectant moms) correctly answered that germ hot spots should be disinfected at least once daily. And only about a third (32% of new moms and 35% of expectant moms) was aware that the changing table is the nursery's number one germ hotspot. 
How someone could not know a changing table is germ central is beyond me.

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