Thursday, December 29, 2011

Year in Review

This is a quick holiday post to note the blog's year in review, the crunching of numbers and the most popular posts.  According to my analytics:
  • Total number of unique visitors to the blog: 3,870
  • Tuesday, Nov. 15, was the blog's most popular day.  The topic that day?  What men think women know.  No idea why.
  • The topic "cognitive mobilization" led most people here. Other important search topics were knowledge, emotion, titular colonicity, and recall and recognition.
  • Obviously more visitors came from the U.S. than anywhere else (3,006 visits), followed by the U.K., Canada, Netherlands, India, Australia, Philippines, Germany, and Brazil.
  • In all, 104 countries are represented.
  • In the U.S., Georgia is the most represented state, probably my own checks of the site plus that of a few colleagues and students.  Next come California, New York, Texas, and Florida.  All 50 states and D.C. are represented.
  • There were visits from 18 different cities in my home state of Tennessee.  None from my hometown of Lawrenceburg.  Sigh.
  • My visitors tended to use either Firefox or Internet Explorer.  But a bunch used Chrome and Safari.  
  • Related to above, the leading "network" was the UGA network as an Internet provider to visitors.  But after that it gets into the various flavors of ways people get online.  Second was Road Runner, followed by Comcast, Charter, Verizon, AT&T, and the University of Amsterdam (I reviewed some faculty research from there in a post and we kinda followed each other afterward).
  • In all, users from 1,589 different Internet providers accessed the blog.
  • I blogged the most this year in April (25 times).  In all, not counting this post, I wrote 191 separate blog postings.

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