Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What Women Know ... About Fertility?

According to a story on what women know about fertility:
The poll of 1,000 women ages 25 to 35 who had talked to doctors about fertility found that participants could correctly answer seven out of 10 basic questions less than half the time. The Fertility IQ 2011 Survey found that women were wrong most often about how long it takes to get pregnant — and about how much fertility declines at various ages.
First, lemme speak to the story's lede which, I have to admit, kinda creeps me out.  Here it is:

From the outside, Holly Finn certainly looks fertile. 

With shoulder-length dark hair, smooth skin and a slim but curvaceous figure, the San Francisco-area writer could be any young mom with a baby on her hip. 

Wow.  If I wrote that, it'd come across as sexual harassment. Or at least like I'm hitting on her.  Or something.

I can't really find any methodology or even details about the survey, not even by the sponsoring organization's web site.  Not that I'd be qualified to judge the quality of the questions, but it shouldn't be this difficult to find.  Troublesome.

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