Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Grrrrr. On Citations.

This week I've finished reviewing two manuscripts for major journals (one mass comm, other polysci).  Both manuscripts directly address an area I've already published in.  Neither cited me.  Grrr.

And more ironic, one was submitted to a journal in which I published the work a couple of years ago.  Doh.

Which makes you wonder about either how carefully someone checks the literature or how well their choice of search engines or applications do in finding key studies (yeah, calling my work key.  I can if I want to, so there!).

I can also end every graph with something in italics.

For fun -- and in a desperate need to stroke my own ego after the other two authors ignored me -- I checked to see who had cited me in the last few months.  The journals include: Political Communication, Communication Studies, Public Opinion Quarterly, Communication Quarterly, Political Science and Politics, American Behavioral Scientist, Parliamentary Affairs, Communicatio (out of South Africa), the Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs, and my favorite, the Chinese Journal of Communication.  Plus a new book about Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. 

That's in the last few months.  Luckily, as my college promotion committee pointed out, I don't really have a national or international reputation.  No.  Not at all.  What a bunch of putzes.

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