Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Men and Testosterone

As everyone has heard in the last day or so, research finds that a man's testosterone levels drop when he gets married.  It also goes up when he gets divorced.  While the research doesn't examine directly why this happens, though we can all take a good guess it has to do with mating.  And the research fails to look at all the other ways a man's testosterone level can change even during a regular day.*

A pretty girl smiles at you at the coffee shop (testosterone up).  You walk out with your coffee and get into your minivan (testosterone down).  At the store you buy some vitamins (testosterone down)**.  You also get some beer (testosterone up).  You watch Antique Roadshow (testosterone down).  And then you flip the channel and catch some Monday Night football (testosterone up).  That night you have a glass of wine (testosterone down), the next night a glass of good single-malt Scotch (testosterone way up).

It's a vicious cycle we men must endure.

*    None of this is based on any actual research.
**  And if you buy Depends for yourself, testosterone way down.

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The McDougal Bugle said...

What kind of bullshit is this? Beer raising Testosterone? Nonsense, everyone knows beer is the most estrogenic drink out there. Pure estrogen in there.