Monday, July 18, 2011

Want a Job Researching Political Knowledge?

There's an opening at Princeton for a post-doc to work with Marcus Prior, a political scientist who wrote an excellent book a few years ago entitled Post-Broadcast Democracy that sparked quite a few studies, including one of my own.  Read it (I blogged about it here, with some lousy formatting for some reason, I think I was sitting at a Mac).  The research program will be on "political motivations and the abilities of ordinary citizens."  It continues:
The individual will work on a variety of projects which may include experimental research on political knowledge, analysis of panel survey data, and development of an original survey. 
It's only for a year but has the potential for renewal, and it's a helluva opportunity for those out there wanting to get into political knowledge research and work with a really good scholar.  You must have a PhD in hand.  And live in New Jersey.

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