Monday, May 9, 2011

My Favorite Recent Studies

It's time for a little shameless self promotion, though part of me wonders whether that's why the Net gods invented Twitter.  Yes, it's time to note my favorite recent pieces of research, which are my favorites because they happen (ahem, coincidentally) to cite me. Yes, it's all about me.  So here we go:
  • "Stimulating or Reinforcing Political Interest: Using Panel Data to Examine Reciprocal Effects Between News Media and Political Interest" in the latest Political Communication cites a chapter I wrote on political interest that, honestly, I forgot I'd written.
  • "YouTube-ification of Political Talk: An Examination of Persuasion Appeals in Viral Video" written by Grady folks, so they felt obligated to cite me, especially since one of them is a doc student and I'm on her committee.  This one appeared in American Behavioral Scientist.
  • "The Electoral Consequences of Candidate Appearances on Soft News Programs" also appeared in Political Communication but cites a completely different study of mine, from 2005, which looked at what people learn from late-night programs.
  • "An Experimental Test of the Effects of Fictional Framing on Attitudes" out of Social Science Quarterly cites the same 2005 article as the one above.  Everyone loves that study.  It's the one that got me an appearance on Fox News.
There were a couple of recent thesis/dissertations that pop up, but even I'm not that shameless.  I only see this crud because at the moment I'm putting together citations for a package for promotion to full professor (oddsmakers have it at 3-to-1 against, so get your bets in early before the line changes).

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