Thursday, April 21, 2011

Republicans and 2012

There's a new New York Times poll out today that more or less suggests that when it comes to what people know (or feel) about the likely GOP presidential candidates remains fairly thin and uninspiring.  It's early yet, to be sure, but the numbers do not bode well for early party challengers to President Barack Obama.

Only Mike Huckabee, and to some degree Mitt Romney, do pretty well.  Huckabee scores well in having very low negatives, meaning fewer Republicans dislike him than, say, Sarah Palin.

Here's a nice graphical display.

What's also telling is the "undecided, don't know enough to tell" numbers, which suggest a lack of knowledge or interest or, maybe, passion the public, especially the GOP public, has for these potential candidates.  Among Republican adults, the biggest "never heard of him" goes to Jon Huntsman, and the most recognized of the bunch is Sarah Palin.  Donald Trump gets about one-third favorable, one-third unfavorable, and a lucky one third who have managed to avoid all information about him.  To that one third, I envy you.

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