Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Glenn Beck To Leave Fox

Yes, we've been expecting this one for some time now, but apparently Glenn Beck's afternoon show will disappear "later this year," according to this NYTimes article.
Mr. Beck is a hugely popular figure on Fox News, averaging 2.2 million viewers each weekday, though his ratings have fallen somewhat in the last year. He is beloved by his fans for speaking out against what he sees as threats from progressives. His opponents — and there are many — condemn him for his conspiratorial views and apocalyptic predictions.
And that's exactly what makes him so much fun -- and great fodder for blogs.  I need the material, and Sarah Palin and/or Michelle Bachmann can only take you so far.  Yes, Beck may have his own show or channel or universe from which to operate, but it won't be the same as being on Fox.

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