Tuesday, March 15, 2011

State of the Media 2011

The gigantic State of the Media 2011 report is available, for those who love reading page after page about the, er, state of the media.  The last few years have qualified for the Bram Stoker Awards (odd factoid -- I was actually recommended for a Stoker once, for a short story.  I didn't win). It's been that bad, the state of the media.  Horror story, actually.  For example, below you can see the percentage gains (online only) and losses (everyone else) in audience share. 

So the reports of late have made for horrific reading.  And yet, and yet.  On the sorta good news front, adverting revenues have bounced back for nearly everyone except newspapers (which produce over three-fourths of the actual news out there).

I've yet to digest the entire report.  That's what Spring Break is for (um, instead of going to the beach, go figure).  If I'm surprised by anything that ties specifically to what people know, I'll blog about it -- such as the fact the number of news/talk radio stations continues to rise (there were about 1200 in 1998 and now there are about 3,500).  Important caveat on that last one, the data don't seem to separate political talk from sports talk, and ESPN has been very aggressive in planting sports talk stations around the country.

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