Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Some Finnish Comfort

Americans are politically dumb.  That's the conventional wisdom.  Okay, maybe not conventional, but you'll hear it said often enough -- usually by the losers in an election.  I'm more than happy to point out how poorly Americans do on many tests, from politics to history to math, but I'm also happy to point out when someone else blows as well. 

Thank you, Finland.

According to this story, Finns don't do so well themselves.  Or as the article states: "The result gives an unsettling picture of political awareness of the Finnish people."

Don't feel too bad, Finns.  I'd suck at a Finnish political knowledge test myself.  Or Finnish geography test.  Or, well, anything about Finland, because I haven't been there or to any of those neat countries located at the top of Europe.  I think I flew over Finland once, but that's about it.

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