Friday, March 11, 2011

Fun Friday

It's the first Friday of Lent -- no meat, sure, but also that means it's time to toss together a bunch of stuff this week that modestly touches on what people learn from the media.  Okay, in some cases it's a stretch, especially the first one.
  • Exercise, according to a study, curbs the cravings for pot.  I repeat this study for no other reason than (1) I find it humorous with lots of potential for jokes and (2) it's based on an N of 12.  Twelve?  Sheesh.
  • To keep a health theme, this story says a diet with olive oil can reduce heart risks.  I think we knew this one already, but this is based on a meta-analysis of 50 earlier studies.  I did a meta-analysis once.  Once.
  • In a case of the startlingly obvious, giving students quizzes before a test makes them do better on the test.  In fairness, an earlier piece of research I blogged about suggested that practice tests are better than studying at improving learning.  So I don't want to be too snarky here.  Only a little.
  • Gotta touch on social networking and here's my favorite study of the day, that use of social networking by homeless kids leads to risky sexual behavior.  But it can increase or decrease these behaviors, depending on use, the study points out.  Yes, can I have a duh from the choir?

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