Friday, February 25, 2011

It Helps to Set the Bar Low

I'm violating my Palin-free February rule to point at this recently published study that finds that not only did people not expect much out of Sarah Palin in the 2008 vice presidential debate, but by setting the bar so low it apparently helped when people evaluated how well she did. 

And you gotta love the title: Who Framed Sarah Palin

I'd discuss more about the study but, at least from my house, I cannot access the entire study, only the abstract.


Russ D said...

What's worse, the site has the following info by the link to the full article: "Full Text (PDF)Free to you". Of course, when you try to access it, they require you to either subscribe or pay a fee.
Not quite free (at least of effort).

Hollander said...

Yes, the always frustrates me to see the "free to you" thing because often, if I'm at UGA, many sites see the IP number and I can actually access stuff because the university pays for that access. In this case, nope.