Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Top Stories of The Decade

The Pew Center, using audience interest figures, has come up with its own list of the top stories from 2000 to 2010

You can follow the link or check out the graphic below.  It's hardly surprising that 9/11 ranks at #1 or Katrina as #2.  After that, I'm a bit surprised about gasoline prices being #3, but then again this is a survey of reader interest, the percent who said they followed a story closely, so of course people vote with their billfolds.  Interesting factoid -- the falling gas prices makes it to #16.

I would have put the economic meltdown as #3, perhaps pushing #2 since it affects more people.  And it's a bit sad that the nation can be at war and yet the war is only #6.  There are some interesting results deeper in the list.  At #18, the Pledge of Allegiance court decision?  I'd forgotten all about that one.

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