Monday, December 20, 2010

Newspapers vs Television
Journalism vs Public Relations

Okay, this chart below says it all.  I trended newspapers and television in books scoured by Google's new ngram viewer.  It's not a great reproduction, this image, but as you can see the red (television) intersects with newspapers (blue) in the late 1960s, at least in mentions in books scanned by Google. 

Okay, that was fun.  What else can we do?  My colleagues down the hall will love this one.  Below I look at journalism (blue) versus public relations (red).  I find it fascinating that PR cranked it up in the 1950s and 1960s, in book mentions, and then slipped back again.  Why?  Some smart PR professor will no doubt let us know, or maybe do some research to explain this odd burst of attention that later slips back.

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Karen Russell said...

Bet you thought no smart PR profs would notice this pre-holiday post. Well, you're right. However, I'd guess it's partly because organizations started using so many other terms, like corporate communication and public affairs, thus dividing the PR pool.