Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Paul is Dead

Yes, it's all over the news, but I can't help but also note the passing of the incredible Paul, the octopus that called seven World Cup games correctly, the ones involving Germany, and then correctly predicted Spain's victory over Netherlands.

Paul's remains will be cremated.

Biologists are uncertain as to whether cephalopods are particularly adept as futbol prognosticators or whether Paul tapped into some inner knowledge (this is a blog about knowledge, ya know, so I had to work that in).  As we know from our social science reading, people tend to engage in wishful thinking when it comes to predicting the winner of a sporting event -- that is, predicting their favored team will.  Paul, of Germany, picked against Germany ... and correctly so it turned out.  Take this as evidence that sea life is unaffected by wishful thinking.  I see a psychology article on the way.

And now we must search for another animal before the next World Cup.  Will we go with another octopus?  Maybe move up the evolutionary chain to a mammal (certain college students excepted)?  Or downshift to the insect world?

Good news is, we have until 2014.  Or maybe that's bad news, because I'm ready for some more World Cup action.

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