Saturday, October 16, 2010

Not all "Journalisms" Are in Crisis

The title above I shamelessly borrow from a research paper (abstract here, full pdf here) that argues while traditional news approaches are in crisis, "there are many other emergent forms of journalism that simultaneously succeeded during this period, and which continue to flourish."

Here's a key point:
Whereas journalism used to be largely homogenous, thinking about journalism in the plural presents a much greater challenge to those who wish to maintain control over what the public sees and understands about politics.
This is a qualitative analysis of news. It argues that thinking of "journalisms" will help us better understand the role news plays and how people make use of news.  Or, as the author says, "I propose we now think about journalism not in the singular, but a range of journalisms which operate in different ways, fulfil different requirements, and appeal to different niche audience groups."

It's a point well made.

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