Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Who Knows More About Religion?
Atheists and Agnostics

A new survey by the fine folks at Pew finds all kinds of interesting things about what people know and what people think they know about religion.  I can mine this thing for days and I'd love to dig more into it now but I have class soon, so let me just pop out one of the more interesting finds (see below).  On a religious knowledge survey, the least religious do the best, followed by Jews and Mormons. 

Of course it's not this simple.  The table below doesn't include controls for education, and we've not even gotten into how you actually measure religious knowledge (it's broad-based, evangelicals and Mormons, for example, do best on Christian-based knowledge).  I'll write more later, when time allows.  Fascinating stuff.

Take the 15-item quiz yourself, if you dare.


bethany said...

thank goodness, I got all the answers.

I looked at the pew report and I wonder if education really explains away the differences between many of these religious groups. Especially after they say they knowing more religious questions correlated to knowing more "general knowledge" questions.

We might just be measuring who is qualified to do well on Jeopardy.

Hollander said...

I've downloaded the full report and questionnaire and want to dig into it further. But until I do, if knowing religious questions is indeed correlated with general knowledge, that suggests an education effect.

I haven't done the quiz yet. Doubt I'll get 'em all right.