Friday, August 13, 2010

Is Obama to Blame?

Spend a moment with the chart above, brought to us by the good people at the Pew Center.  We all know people are dissatisfied of late.  Pissed is probably a better word.  And if you listen to the TV and radio talkmeisters, particularly the conservative ones, you'd blame it all on Obama.  While I sympathize with that sentiment, the data suggest otherwise.

Look at 2003.  The red (pissed) and blue (not so pissed) lines are at about the same point, a statistical tie.  But then we begin to see the dissatisfaction begin to rise.  Keep in mind George W. Bush was the president through this period, until really the beginning of 2009, so when it comes to people being pissed, it's hard to easily point to Obama as the reason.  Okay, it's not hard to do it, but the data tell a more complex story.

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