Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Health Magazine, and Health Knowledge

Unfortunately I can't access the full article, but this abstract briefly describes a study to test whether a health promotion magazine would make people provided the magazine more health conscious.

Can I get a "duh" from the audience?

They got a company to allow them to provide the magazine to its employees.  An initial questionnaire measured pre-existing health knowledge.  Following the distribution of the mags, there was an increase in employee knowledge about sugars in "fat free" foods, the benefits of fish oil, and other health nutrition stuff. 

There's good news here.  Knowledge in the pre-test was already high, and it improved.  What's missing, of course, is a control group, but I think we can safely say that when the boss says here's a magazine we're gonna put in front of you, employees will learn something from it.

Eighty-seven percent said they read the mag and "showed enthusiasm for continued delivery."  Yup, but ask 'em if they'd actually pay for it and watch 87 become 7.

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