Friday, March 26, 2010

What Republicans Know

I blogged the other day, as did many, about a new Harris poll of Republicans that found many hold to some, ahem, interesting beliefs -- 57 percent think he's Muslim and 24 percent say he may be the antiChrist (hopefully not the same people, because that raises all kinds of fascinating theological inconsistencies).

Many have written about this survey, folks much smarter than me when it comes to polling.  Below I shamelessly swipe from a posting on AAPORnet.
  • Info on the poll itself, the pr release
  • A take by ABC News director of polling
  • And a Time take on the poll as well.
In all, significant doubts about the kind of poll conducted (online, it seems), the kinds of questions asked, the results themselves.  In other words, Republicans are not this dumb -- but the poll may be.  There's much comfort in that thought.

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