Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Biggest Beer Drinking States

Based on per-capital consumption, below are the top 15 beer drinking states, according to a CNBC analysis.
  1. Montana (I mean, c'mon, what else are ya gonna do?)
  2. New Hampshire (ditto)
  3. Nevada (I suppose after all those gambling losses?)
  4. North Dakota (what's up with the M and N states?)
  5. Wyoming (notice a trend here? middle of nowhere = beer?)
  6. South Dakota (is it being near Canada that does this?)
  7. Louisiana (the only state where it's against the law to drive and not drink)
  8. Wisconsin (I'd drink too, especially after That 70s Show)
  9. Nebraska (they have beer?)
  10.  Texas (actually it's tied for 9th, but can't make it work here)
  11. New Mexico (okay, being near Canada or Mexico has an effect)
  12. Mississippi (I've lived there.  I drank too.  A lot.)
  13. South Carolina (haven't lived there, but I'd drink too.  A lot)
  14. Delaware (I doubt its existence)
  15. Iowa (corn beer?)
Why is this on a blog about how people learn from the media?  No good reason.  I just like lists.  And beer.  And snarky comments about states.  And beer.  Plus it's St. Patrick's Day.  Somehow seems appropriate.

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