Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Mobile Web

Lots of folks have cell phones, but relatively few use them to access the web, according to a new study reported on here (but see also here).
Of cellphone owners, the majority (66%) send or receive text messages, and more than half send or receive photos. But only 28% currently access Web pages, and 20% download apps to their cellphones. (Time frame: Oct.-Nov. 2009.)
No surprise: It's a generational thing. Of cellphone owners ages 18-29, 48% use the mobile Web and 94% use text messages. Of those 50-64, just 15% use the mobile Web and 51% use text messages.
Lots of room for growth, which in terms of media expansion and potential to inform and entertain people, that's where it'll be happening for the next several years.

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