Saturday, January 23, 2010


So I blogged a week or so ago about this semi-bogus "census" mailing I received that was really a survey by the Republican Party (yeah, I vote GOP sometimes, Democrat sometimes, I'm basically a radical moderate).

Someone on AAPORNet mentioned Friday a similar mailing and I posted the image of the one I received on the blog and pointed to it on the listserv.  Wow.  I just checked the Google Analytics for Friday and my number of hits for a given day increased 20-fold.  Freaked my analytics out.  Here's a map that shows where all the hits originated for that page.
Again, wow.  Too bad I didn't have Google Adsense turned on.  Might have made some money.

This is a good demonstration of the power of interconnectedness and networks.  If I'd put it on my Facebook and Twitter accounts as well, I might have generated even more traffic.

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