Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Skimmers and Scanners

Further evidence people skim and scan the news?  According to this E&P piece, new research shows that an increasing number of people visit news aggregators like Google News and 44 percent rely just on that bit of info and don't visit the actual source of the news -- usually a newspaper-based site.

Most of this is a business issue between those who produce the news and those who do little more than point to it, but from a what people know perspective it is further evidence that we simply do not process the news as deeply as we once did.  This can have profound effects on political knowledge and a deeper understanding of local, national, and world events.  Or you can take this away -- it's all part of our shift from knowing, to knowing how to find stuff.  Two different takes, but neither are promising when it comes to social and political judgments.

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