Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Data for the Year

I know it's not the end of 2009 yet, but I thought I'd look at the data for the year -- at least for this blog.  Below are the top ten search engine entries that resulted in folks ending up here.
  1. knowledge and emotion
  2. recall vs. recognition
  3. cognitive mobilization
  4. titular colonicity
  5. emotion and knowledge
  6. what people know
  7. recall vs. recognition (again, dunno why)
  8. chronic know-nothings
  9. political knowledge
  10. knowledge emotion
You can see an obvious trend.  I write a lot about many of these topics, thus Google (and a handful of other search engines) point my way.  And of course titular colonicity is a particular favorite of mine. Writing about that alone could be a full-time job -- plus I've always wanted to do a serious analysis of mass comm journals to see if it holds up as true.  I did a quick-and-dirty one of JQ once and it seemed true, that our use of colons has grown over the years.

The top search, knowledge and emotion, makes up 8 percent of all searches that found this blog.  I don't write a lot about this topic, so clearly I need to get more into it.  There is a lot of social psychology on the topic, but rarely does it get beyond the abstract, and it's even more rare that it is mass comm related or even  politically relevant.

There were 568 different search terms that led people here in 2009, most of them a single time.  Weirdest ones?
  • are we awash in sensitivity: I did write about this one once, but odd someone would be searching for it.  And I'm certainly not awash with sensitivity.
  • paul broun: He's my crazy congressman and I did mention him once, so kinda makes sense.
  • the immensely inflated news audience:  No clue about this one.  Weird.  And stupid.
  • athens awful:  Clearly not a fan of my town.  No idea why a search engine pointed 'em here.
  • dilbert:  I did blog once about this great cartoon, so understandable.
  • dr. barry hollander 3410: A student, no doubt, who really could have just gone to my web site, creatively named
  • kaye sweetser and mark johnson: what are these people doing here?
  • uga barry hollander salary:  Oh please.  There's a site for this.  Why use Google?
  • what percent of people know calculus:  No clue.  Nor have I written on this.  Ever.
There were other odd ones, but these are my favorites.  Oh the joy of playing with Google Analytics.

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