Saturday, December 19, 2009

Best Lies of 2009

Politifact is an excellent nonpartisan site for debunking political myths, much like what Snopes does for urban myths.  And so it's fun to read the site's Lie of the Year (and runnerups).

Top lie?  The idea of "death panels" in the health care debate, bullshit started on Sarah Palin's Facebook page.  That's a first too, I suppose, Facebook making the big time.

Second best lie of the year?  Check out the runners up.  They are:
  • Glenn Beck on some nonsense about Obama's science adviser.  Hang in there, Beck.  Second place ain't half bad.
  • A nutcase who claimed Obama's birth certificate showed he was born in Kenya.  Which, I suppose, is kinda close to Hawii, if by close you mean on the same planet.
  • Obama himself gets third on a claim about preventative health care saves money.
And so it goes.  What people know, sometimes, is completely made up by these folks on the left, and on the right.  

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