Monday, November 16, 2009

The Morning Shows

Many people get their first dose of news from the various network morning shows.  Looking only at the cable news offerings you have in alphabetical order:
  • CNN:  Show is called American Morning, a guy-gal tag team who play it mostly straight, most "fair and balanced" of the morning cable gabfests.  Bit dull, but lots of news, so if it's info ya want, this is the one to watch.  Lefties and Righties often appear.
  • Fox News:  Fox & Friends, smarmy group of two guys and a gal.  Opinionated, but good chemistry.  A bit factually-challenged (completely misunderstand polling, for example).  Same set of guests.  You'll never see a Democrat or liberal.  Least interesting of all the cable offerings.
  • Headline News: Morning Express with Robin Meade, just in case you don't know here name it's there in the title. A little like getting your news from your teenage daughter.  Still, personable, likeable.  Light on info, heavy on fun.  Get your news with sugar.
  • MSNBC:  I've grown to like Morning Joe.  Good cast of characters, interesting guest hosts.  Background music too loud sometimes, too many people talk at same time, but strangely I find this one the most compelling of all of the above.  Left and right presented, as well as Starbucks (the sponsor).
  • Broadcast Shows:  I'm ignoring the three networks and their morning shows because, frankly, I never watch 'em.

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Nick said...

I prefer my news to be brewed by Maxwell House. I don't trust Starbucks and the other West-Coast liberals.