Monday, October 5, 2009

Polls that aren't Polls

Answered the telephone Monday afternoon and a woman identifies herself as doing a poll for the National Rifle Association would I like to participate in a one-question poll about the "outrageous" UN plan to ban guns worldwide.

Oh yeah.  You bet.

Then listen to a message from Wayne LaPierre.

Oh yeah. You bet.

He tells me about this great plot by the UN and "elite gun-hating media" to take our guns away.  Oh my god!

And then the woman returns with her one question.  Wish I had it word for word, but mostly she asked:  Do you think third world dictators and Hillary Clinton should dictate guns in America?

"Oh," I say.  "Yeah."

"Thank you."


If I'd have said "no" then I no doubt would have heard a pitch for money.  So basically it's a lie, it's not a poll, it's a pretend pseudo-poll not aimed at measuring opinion but rather at (1) influencing opinion or (2) making money.

Whether you like the NRA or not (and I own a handgun, a really big handgun), this still qualifies as one simple word.  Sleeze.

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