Friday, October 9, 2009

Hijacking da Blog

I'm hijacking my blog today to say, "WTF?"

Barack Obama wins the Nobel Peace Prize?  I'm no Obama basher, no wingnut conservative (or loony leftist, more of a radical moderate) but I simply don't get it.  And I'm not alone, according to this AP story.  The Nobel folks seriously water down the importance of the prize when they go over the top politically like this.  There's no Camp David, no closing yet of Gitmo, no -- well -- nothing.  He's had no defining moment.  There is a long list of brave folks who are more deserving.

Honestly, when I first saw it online, thought it was a joke.

end hijack

When Talkmeisters Feud

Radio blowhard Rush Limbaugh and MSNBCguy Joe Scarborough had a bit of a spat the last few days.  Details here. What do people know?  That, sometimes, politics is like a schoolyard.  Scarborough had this one right, though, about Limbaugh's joy at Chicago losing the Olympics.

Other Stuff

Sorry, I have no other stuff today.  It's a busy Friday for some reason.  I may add material later.

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John Arkwright said...

Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize

Someone said that the big loser in this is The Onion, who cannot possibly make the situation any more ridiculous.