Saturday, October 3, 2009

Even Docs Don't Know

Here's some confidence-building news.  Not only are we confused about the health cares system.  So are our future doctors.  This story (scroll down a bit on the link page) gives details of a study that finds, well, below you can read for yourself:
A study published in the September issue of Academic Medicine found that nearly half of all medical students believe they have been inadequately educated about the "practice of medicine" -- especially related to medical economics.

Feel sicker?  Try this:
But fewer than 50 percent of medical students said they believed they had received appropriate training in areas related to the profession they are prepping to enter.
Feeling worse?  I know I am.

I suppose it's possible lots of other professional schools face the same problem.  Wouldn't it be good to know pharmacists are baffled while spooning out your pills?  And engineers?  And journalists?  Okay, the latter is less likely to kill ya, but I expect this is why doctors have office managers, to understand all the health care stuff they don't understand.

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